ABM Resources

ABMinfographic_400.pngFind more time to deliver patient care services through the appointment-based model.

The appointment-based model (ABM) can create an optimized workflow and practice model needed to layer patient care services into a community-based pharmacy practice. Learn about types of services and tactics for integrating them into the ABM, plus key information to fuel your success. Access these resources to help you leverage the ABM to expand patient care services.


Tanya%20Schmidt_85%20px.jpg“We implemented the appointment-based model at Thrifty White Pharmacy over 7 years ago. The ABM has allowed our local pharmacists to spend time with their patients using their clinical skills, including immunizations, comprehensive medication reviews, disease state–specific programs, and biometrics, to just name a few. The relationship between the patient and the pharmacist has grown, and the pharmacist’s job satisfaction has increased immensely.”

Tanya Schmidt, PharmD, RPh, Thrifty White Pharmacy director of central operations


RebeccaCarter.jpg“The appointment-based model enables pharmacy migration to patient-centered care and provides the infrastructure and increased pharmacist care capacity for expanded services such as medication therapy management, vaccinations, and health screenings. Pharmacies that embrace the model provide higher quality care, improved outcomes, and greater convenience to their patients, allowing them to engender a new level of patient loyalty, earn access to high-performance networks, and generate new revenue channels. Adoption of the ABM may be pharmacy’s single greatest opportunity to resolve the systemic problems related to medication use that plague our health care system today.”

Rebecca Chater, RPh, MPH, FAPhA, Omnicell director of clinical healthcare strategy