Update, Report, Carry, Share Vaccination Records

To get the most from immunizations, APhA recommends that patients “protect yourself, your family, and your community by keeping your immunization record up-to-date” and  be proactive  after receiving a vaccination by doing the following:

  • Ask your pharmacist and other health care providers to Update your immunization record card
  • Ask your pharmacist and other health care providers to Report the vaccination to the immunization registry
  • Carry and Share your updated immunization record/card with every member of your health care team

Patients’ access to their health care records is critical. The ability to retrieve health records can empower individuals to participate more actively in their health care and make informed decisions about what immunizations to pursue and when to pursue them.  In addition, access to this information supports the “immunization neighborhood” - collaboration, coordination, and communication among immunization stakeholders dedicated to meeting the immunization needs of the patient and protecting the community from vaccine-preventable diseases. 

In an effort to make this message more visible to patients, APhA – with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – created a poster and flier to be displayed in pharmacies and other healthcare settings to deliver the message to patients and healthcare providers of updating, reporting, carrying, and sharing immunization information, and remind and encourage patients to get needed vaccinations. 



Electronic Poster and Flyer files for individual use:
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