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The mission of the APhA-APPM Transitions of Care Special Interest Group (SIG) is to create a professional network of pharmacists and technicians who are working to overcome the transitional challenges and enhance the collaboration among pharmacists in all practice settings as they provide care to patients during transitions to/from various health care settings.


The purpose of the APhA-APPM Transitions of Care SIG is to provide a community where pharmacists and technicians in all practice settings can navigate the complex health care system by sharing ideas on how to collaborate in optimizing transitions of care.

APhA-APPM Transitions of Care SIG Leaders

SIG Leaders

2020-21 SIG Committee Leaders

  • Practice Committee Co-Chairs:  Amanda L. Baumann & Laressa Bethishou
  • Communications Committee Co-Chairs: Roxane Took & Jeffrey Gonzales
  • Webinar Committee Co-Chairs: Phung On & Amulya Uppala
APhA-APPM Transitions of Care SIG Committees

Practice Committee

Purpose: To focus on projects related to developing tools and resources for pharmacists and technicians in various transitions of care practice settings; and to responsible for keeping the TOC toolkit updated with relevant information.  

2020-21 Charges: 

  • To develop tools and resources for pharmacists, student pharmacists, and technicians in various transitions of care practice settings
  • To review and update the TOC toolkit as appropriate

Communications Committee

Purpose: To lead SIG members in conversations related to care transitions including: policy and procedures; current research or articles; practice innovations; and payment models. The committee will use the APhA ENGAGE platform to share ideas and resources among SIG members and highlight current APhA members practicing in TOC.

2020-21 Charges:

  • To publish quarterly newsletters to highlight SIG leaders, members, and accomplishments
  • To share recent TOC articles and practice innovations
  • To lead members in conversations via the SIG ENGAGE platform related to TOC including clinical service models; recent research articles; useful resources and payment models

Webinar Committee

Purpose: To coordinate webinars over the year utilizing the toolkit; to determine webinar topics can be based on SIG ENGAGE community discussions, the SIG annual business meeting (during APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition), and SIG members’ input. The committee will work with APhA staff to determine speakers, timing, and management of the webinar(s).

2020-21 Charges: 

  • To coordinate CPE webinars over the academy year 
  • To identify potential webinar topics based on SIG ENGAGE community discussions, the SIG business meeting, and SIG members’ input

Call for Committee Leaders and Members

The call for committee leaders and members has ended. Please contact the Coordinator if you are interested in volunteering your time. 

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