Guidance for Patients and Caregivers About Medication Supply During the Coronavirus Pandemic

WASHINGTON, DC – The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) recommends that patients and caregivers maintain adequate supplies of necessary medications to address their most critical needs if they are not able to get to the pharmacy because of the coronavirus pandemic.

APhA encourages patients and caregivers to:

  • Talk to your pharmacist if you have concerns about your medication supplies. Hoarding or stockpiling is not necessary, it could lead to drug shortage.
  • If your medication supplies are low, check your prescription benefit coverage with your health insurance and/or pharmacy benefit management company to determine coverage for early refill or supply limits, prior to requesting refills from your pharmacy.
  • Ask your pharmacist about delivery options for your medication if you cannot pick it up, such as having another person pick up your prescription, home delivery, or mail.
  • Be prepared with a reasonable supply of non-prescription medications to address your symptomatic medication needs. 
  • If you have questions about medication shortages/supply or alternative therapies discuss this with your prescriber or pharmacist. 

APhA believes it is important for patients to maintain the relationship with their pharmacist and to have a choice of where and how they receive their medications. APhA is advocating for relaxing supply limits and allowing early refills that allow patients to go to their pharmacy.

America’s pharmacists stand ready to provide patient care. Pharmacists and pharmacies are doing their best to be available during these challenging times.

About the American Pharmacists Association
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