APhA Issues Statement on Protections for Healthcare Providers During Coronavirus Pandemic

As the coronavirus continues to spread and impact Americans throughout the country, lawmakers are cutting red tape and clearing the way for frontline providers, such as pharmacists, to be a greater resource to patients during these troubling times.

While the profession stands ready to help, the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) is prioritizing the health of the service provider and has issued the following statement:

Patients of America’s pharmacists should have the full benefit of pharmacists’ expertise in medication therapy and management of patient care services during a health crisis. Pharmacists with appropriate safeguards and protections are ready and able to serve the needs of their communities. Protecting pharmacists protects patients and their continued access to their pharmacists. As screening and testing, treatment and prevention procedures, and systems are developed, pharmacists and pharmacy staff must be afforded appropriate protections in order to ensure the safety of the pharmacist, the public and the family members of health care workers.

APhA is working on behalf of pharmacists and their patients with leaders and decision makers across the health care system to address the safety needs and concerns of pharmacists and pharmacy personnel as they serve the needs of patients and communities. We encourage pharmacy owners and managers to incorporate innovative procedures into their daily operations, such as delivery service, and drive-through and curb side pickup, access to protective gear and cleaning supplies, that will help protect staff and their patients. We ask that you share your successes with your peers and with us. Let’s stop the spread of COVID-19 by spreading best practices among our colleagues! With appropriate safeguards and protections, having pharmacists on the front line of care will be invaluable.

For the latest information, check out APhA’s coronavirus resource center.