APhA-APRS Specific Charges from the APhA President

The APhA Academy of Pharmaceutical Research & Science (APhA-APRS) specific charges from the APhA President reflect the Academy’s focus on leadership development; advancing the profession through the discovery, dissemination, and application of basic sciences, clinical sciences, and research to improve patient health outcomes; policy; and educational programming.

2020-2021 APhA-APRS Goals:
  1. Align APhA-APRS goals, objectives, tactics, and action steps to the strategic plan priorities of the Association.
  2. Collaborate with membership and marketing to perform a gap analysis and make recommendations for addressing current and future science member needs and desired value proposition, in alignment with Association priorities, utilizing the current Section or other structure. In particular, address the member engagement needs of individuals who will obtain school and college of pharmacy faculty scientists’ memberships as part of ADVANCE subscriptions.
  3. Develop recommendations for the APhA Board and Staff on how the Association can more purposefully engage pharmaceutical scientists in our work in a way that demonstrates the Association’s commitment to the scientist member.
  4. Identify opportunities for APhA to better connect/collaborate with other organizations which also offer membership to scientists touching the discipline of pharmacy.
  5. Actively engage members to provide feedback, input and guidance to staff on policy matters and in the completion of work products of the Association.
  6. Inform, educate, and promote Academy members who are pharmacists claiming their Profile in Pharmacy Profiles.
  7. Facilitate collaboration between the post-graduate APhA-APRS Officer, APhA-APPM New Practitioner Officer and the New Practitioner Advisory Council (NPAC).
  8. Develop leaders for the Association and the profession.
  9. Support the effective rollout of the APhA new membership models.