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Built by pharmacists for pharmacists, Pharmacy Profiles helps you maintain a single, central repository of all of your professional information. It’s easy to set up and manage because much of the information in your Profile will be automatically added for you from industry leading organizations such as NABP, ACPE, NCPDP, and others.

And it’s free to you! There is no cost to set up or maintain your Pharmacist Profile. Get started today building your professional Profile and pursue a wide range of professional opportunities.

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You will need to review your Profile information, add to it, and keep your Profile up-to-date. This will increasingly be critical to employers, health plans, and others with whom you engage.  Physicians and other health care providers regularly attest and re-attest to their professional credentials.  Pharmacy Profiles is your step along that path.

We will verify as much of your Profile information as possible. That means we will check the information you provide against a comprehensive database of industry information.

Your verified credentials are vital to achieving your professional goals. A diverse array of industry stakeholders, whether they be employers, health plans, PBMs, government or others, value those credentials. A verified, up-to-date Profile will help you:

  • Enhance your role as a patient care provider
  • Document your professional qualifications
  • Advance your career
  • Pursue a wide range of professional opportunities

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