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The mission of the APhA Medication Management Special Interest Group (SIG) is to create a professional network of pharmacists who share an interest in all or any aspect of medication therapy management (MTM) services.


The purpose of the APhA Medication Management SIG is to create an online community where pharmacists from different areas of practice have the opportunity to communicate professional interests, concerns, and prospective goals for MTM services. This community will serve as a conduit for APhA to address the needs of practicing pharmacists in order to continuously and actively shape the provision of pharmacist-led MTM services into financially viable models of practice that produce improved patient outcomes.

APhA-APPM Medication Management SIG Leaders 

SIG Leaders

  • Coordinator: Laly Havern
  • Coordinator-elect: Olivia Strain

SIG Committee Leaders

  • Business Model Committee
    • Chair: Ashley Wellen
    • Co-Chai: Kimberly Allen
  • Clinical Committee
    • Chair: Tosin David
    • Co-Chair: Lambert Noudegbessi
  • Telehealth Committee 
    • Chair:  Katherine Vu
    • Co-Chair: Open
  • Communication Committe
    • Chair: Scott Sexton
    • Co-Chair: Fatemeh Karbaschi

APhA-APPM Medication Management SIG Committees

Business Model Committee
Purpose: To share MTM business and business model expertise among members to help ensure financially viable MTM practices

2020-21 Charge: Develop resources and materials about MTM business and practice models that help members create, develop, or improve financially viable MTM practices. 

Clinical Committee
Purpose: To share clinical expertise among members, improve medication use, and optimize patient clinical outcomes through networking among clinical practitioners with different areas of expertise.

2020-21 Charge: Develop tools and resources that aid members in improving medication use and optimizing patient clinical outcomes. 

Telehealth Committee
Purpose: To assist in identifying pharmacists with APhA membership who practice in telephonic and/or with use of various social media tools in their MTM practice sites. The committee also fosters a sense of community among these pharmacists and opportunity to exchange practice information to make their practice models available to all SIG members.

2020-21 Charge: Create a community of members who utilize telehealth technology in their MTM practice sites in order to foster resources needed to implement and expand telehealth opportunities.

Communications Committee
2020-21 Charge: Promote SIG member engagement via the ENGAGE platform. Identify needs of members as it pertains to resources and SIG activities. Promote MTM activities and news in the profession and lead members in discussion of related topics. Identify and recognize SIG members that have made significant contributions to the SIG and profession. 

Call for Committee Leaders and Members

The call for committee leaders and members has ended. Please contact the Coordinator if you are interested in volunteering your time.  

APhA-APPM Medication Management SIG Resources

Guide to Marketing MTM Services

APhA’s new Marketing MTM Services resource helps pharmacists communicate the value of their patient care services to patients, providers, and payers. The comprehensive guide explores the differences between digital and traditional marketing, provides considerations for marketing strategies and messaging, and lists marketing resources and tools.

Toolkit for Marketing MTM to Prescribers

Developing relationships with prescribers can greatly enhance MTM services in community pharmacies - benefiting the pharmacist, prescriber, and the common patients they care for. The Medication Management SIG's Toolkit for Marketing MTM to Prescribers includes 10 resources that help to guide pharmacists through the general approach and conversation components that will fuel budding collaborations between pharmacists and prescribers in MTM service delivery.

Telehealth Testimonials

Learn about successful telehealth programs! These resources were created by the Telehealth Committee of the Medication Management SIG. Please note APhA members must log in to view the PDFs.

The Role of the Telehealth Pharmacist: CPE Training

Earn 2 hours of CPE for completing this 4-module training series that details the roles pharmacists play in telehealth and telepharmacy. This training was created by the Telehealth Committee of the Medication Management SIG. 

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