Learning Aids: Medication Errors, 2nd Edition

Teachers, peruse our additional learning aids for Michael R. Cohen (editor)'s "Medication Errors, 2nd Edition".

Lecture 1

Systems Analysis, Causes of Medication Errors, and Error-Prone Abbreviations (Textbook Chapters 1, 4, and 8)


Lecture 2

The Role of Drug Names and Packaging in Medication Errors (Textbook Chapters 6 and 7)

Lecture 3

Preventing Prescribing Errors (Textbook Chapter 9)


Lecture 4

Preventing Dispensing Errors (Textbook Chapter 10)


Lecture 5

Preventing Errors Related to Drug Administration (Textbook Chapter 11)


Lecture 6

Preventing Medication Errors in Cancer Chemotherapy (Textbook Chapter 16)


Lecture 7

Preventing Medication Errors in Pediatric and Neonatal Patients (Textbook Chapter 17)



Lecture 8

High-Alert Medications: Safeguarding Against Errors Part 1 (Textbook Chapter 14)


Lecture 9

High-Alert Medications: Safeguarding Against Errors Part 2 (Textbook Chapter 14)


Lecture 10

Use of Technology to Prevent Medication Errors and Prevention of Errors with Drug Delivery Devices (Textbook Chapters 12 and 15)


Lecture 11

The Patient’s Role in Preventing Medication Errors (Textbook Chapter 13)


Lecture 12

Root Cause Analysis and Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (Textbook Chapters 5 and 21)


Lecture 13

Medication Error Reporting Systems and Disclosing Errors to Patients (Textbook Chapters 19 and 20)


Lecture 14

A Culture of Safety (Textbook Chapter 23)