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The mission of the APhA-APPM Compounding SIG is to provide a professional network for compounding pharmacists and student pharmacists. The APhA-APPM Compounding SIG focuses on education, communication, collaboration, advocacy, and sharing of ideas in compounding pharmacy practice.

The purpose of the APhA-APPM Compounding SIG is to provide a professional network community within APhA-APPM where pharmacists and student pharmacists share ideas, education, and advocacy for compounding pharmacy. 

APhA-APPM Compounding SIG Leaders

SIG Leaders

SIG 2020-21 Committees 

  • Education/Best Practices Committee
  • Regulatory/Legislative Affairs Committee

APhA-APPM Compounding SIG Committees
The Compounding SIG Committees and their charges for 2020-21 are:
  • Education/Best Practices Committee
    • To survey various sources of information related to medication compounding and pharmaceutical sciences in order to provide Compounding SIG members with timely and relevant information and ideas they can use to improve their practice.
    • SIG members will be encouraged to share their own ideas, best practices, and success stories, thereby elevating the practice and promoting the positive value medication compounding brings to health care.
    • This Committee will continue to coordinate one to two webinars per year.
  • Regulatory/Legislative Affairs Committee 
    • To monitor state and federal regulatory and legislative activity relevant to compounding and report issues of concern to members of the Compounding SIG as they arise.
    • This committee will also solicit SIG member feedback in order to make recommendations to APhA's Government Affairs Committee and Political Action Committee regarding compounding related priorities.
    • The Committee will encourage SIG members to take an active role in maintaining patient access to quality compounded medications.

Call for Committee Leaders and Members

The call for committee leaders and members has ended. Please contact the Coordinator if you are interested in volunteering your time.  

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