APhA Student Outreach Program


Overview of Student Outreach Program

Each fall, the APhA–ASP National Executive Committee and APhA Student Development Staff conduct APhA Student Outreach visits to the APhA–ASP chapters around the nation. APhA–ASP utilizes the APhA Student Outreach program not only as an opportunity to visit the schools and colleges of pharmacy, but as a chance to learn more about each chapter's activities and how APhA can assist chapter  leadership to have a successful year!

In addition to assisting each chapter’s executive committee and chapter advisor, the APhA Student Outreach Program is also used as a membership recruitment tool for chapters. APhA Student Outreach representatives should meet with students at the start of the membership drive campaign to share valuable information regarding the benefits of APhA membership, patient care projects, student leadership development, career opportunities, awards, scholarships, publications, and networking opportunities available at the Midyear Regional Meetings and the APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition. The APhA Student Outreach Program can also provide support for existing membership activities and recruitment programs.

Download the APhA Student Outreach Program Guide for complete details.

Student Outreach schedule

Chapter leaders are asked to develop a visit schedule for the APhA representative visiting their chapter. The primary objective of the APhA Student Outreach visit is to meet with chapter leaders and as many students (current APhA members and nonmembers) to answer questions regarding APhA member benefits and programs.

To provide the most benefit to each chapter during an APhA Student Outreach visit, we require meetings with the following groups or individuals:

  • Chapter president

  • Chapter officers, including executive committee and patient care chairs

  • Chapter advisor(s)

  • APhA–ASP members and prospective members during a chapter meeting

It is also recommended that the APhA Student Outreach representative meet with the following groups or individuals:

  • Assistant/Associate dean or dean of the college or school of pharmacy or student affairs

  • Director/Assistant director of student activities

  • College or school of pharmacy faculty

  • New Practitioner mentors


Sample itinerary

The sample itinerary below lists both required and recommended meeting activities, as well as approximate time frames. Please note that the time allotted for each meeting will depend on the availability of individuals at each chapter, as well as the needs of the chapter. In addition, please provide a lunch break for your APhA Student Outreach representative (this can be scheduled as a working lunch with chapter officers and/or chapter advisors).

Typical visits occur between 8:30 am–3:30 pm (except for chapters with evening meetings) and include:

  • Chapter President Meeting (60 min)

  • Chapter advisor(s) meeting (30–60 min)

  • Dean and/or assistant/associate dean of student affairs meeting (15–30 min)

  • Director/Assistant director of student activities (15–30 min)

  • Chapter executive committee meeting (60 min)

  • Patient care chairs meeting (30–-60 min)

  • APhA–ASP general meeting or chapter meeting copresented with chapter officers (60 min)*

*It is recommended that APhA Student Outreach representatives copresent with chapter officers (chapter president, executive committee members, chapter patient care project coordinators, or chapter advisor[s]) during the general meeting or chapter meeting. This format adds a cohesive transition from chapter activities to national activities.

Schedule a visit

It is the intent of the Association to visit as many chapters as possible each fall, as the budget and the availability of APhA Student Development Staff and APhA–ASP National Executive Committee members allows.  

To schedule an APhA Student Outreach visit, please complete the APhA Student Outreach Visit Request Form. (Registration is open until August 7.  Requests submitted earlier will receive priority for scheduling).

Past Student Outreach visits 

Not sure when your chapter last had a visit?  Check the list of past Student Outreach visits below:

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