APhA Statement Expresses Disappointment Over Absence of Temporary Provider Status Language in HEALS Act

Statement from Scott J. Knoer, MS, PharmD, FASHP, Executive Vice President and CEO of APhA, following the release of the HEALS Act:

“APhA is disappointed that the HEALS Act, the Senate’s $1 trillion coronavirus stimulus legislative package announced Monday, does not include language designating pharmacists as providers under Medicare Part B for COVID-19 and influenza testing and immunization. This language would allow Congress to dramatically expand COVID-19 testing and immunization by including the most accessible health care providers in the nation: pharmacists.  

“Now is the time for an all-in push for the inclusion of temporary pharmacist provider status in Medicare Part B. Right now, the House and Senate are seeking to reach agreement on their dueling legislative proposals on a tight deadline; the House released its $3 trillion HEROES Act in May. 

“The final coronavirus stimulus legislation during this election year presents our shining opportunity to achieve a targeted version of provider status. Together with our members, APhA wants to unleash the full potential of pharmacists’ contributions for testing and immunization during COVID-19. It’s time to get the attention of Congress. Let’s go!”

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