APhA-ASP Regional Delegate Position Description

As a regional officer, the APhA-ASP Regional Delegate is responsible for promoting policy and advocacy activities within their respective APhA-ASP region. They work to increase communication to help chapters become more aware of and respond to issues affecting pharmacy. The Regional Delegate position allows student pharmacists to become active within APhA-ASP on a regional and national level, interact with other students and practitioners from across the country, and impact the future of pharmacy through legislative advocacy within APhA-ASP.

The Regional Delegate also has the opportunity to attend the APhA-ASP Regional Officer Meeting held each January in Washington, DC and has responsibilities at the APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition and APhA-ASP Midyear Regional Meeting.

Activities throughout the year…

The primary role of the Regional Delegate is to serve on the APhA-ASP Resolutions Committee.  Prior to the Regional Officers Meeting, each delegate is responsible for communicating with the authors of proposed resolutions, ranking all proposed resolutions, and performing research so that each is prepared for discussion and debate on the potential resolutions. After the Regional Officers Meeting, they are responsible for assisting the APhA-ASP Speaker of the House in writing an article for Student Pharmacist and serving as a continual resource for chapter questions on legislative advocacy.

Throughout the year the Regional Delegate works to promote advocacy and political awareness by communicating with the Chapter Policy Vice-President and the State Association Liaison, and regularly providing updates to the region.

APhA-ASP Regional Officer Meeting

The APhA-ASP Regional Officer Meeting is typically held the first full weekend of January in Washington, DC. At this meeting, the eight Regional Delegates review all resolutions passed during the APhA-ASP Midyear Regional Meetings and select the issues of greatest concern to student pharmacists and the practice of pharmacy. They research these topic areas and then write the final resolutions and associated background statements to be voted on by chapter delegates during the APhA-ASP House of Delegates.

The meeting also provides an opportunity to network with other APhA-ASP Regional Officers, the National Executive Committee, and Staff. Full reimbursement for meeting-related expenses is provided.

APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition

At the APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition, the Regional Delegates serve two critical functions. As members of the APhA-ASP Resolutions Committee, they serve as a reference to answer questions regarding the background and intent of each proposed resolution during the APhA-ASP Open Hearing on Proposed Resolutions. They also serve as delegates to the APhA House of Delegates.

For more information regarding the APhA-ASP Regional Delegate position, please contact:

Keith Marciniak, RPh, Senior Director of Student and New Practitioner Development

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